Message from Principal

Information drawn from personal and social experience constitutes prescientific knowledge.

It may be rather broad in scope helping to a certain extent understand the behavior of the surrounding people and providing a reflection of reality within certain limits. On the while, however, such knowledge lacks system, depth, conclusiveness and for that reason cannot provide a solid foundation for pedagogical, medical, organizational and other humanistic activities that should be based on scientific, i.e objective and authentic knowledge of the human mind making it possible to prognosticate an individual’s behavior under expected condition..

In the fast growing era, solution’s are squeezed and we feelings are magnified. Let us bear the all homosapeins with equi-amino and try to become brick of the another one supporting the other.

RCE with new innovations is it’s best endeavor believes to work in a body to be nucleus of activates so that humanity in general and stakeholders in particular are benefited in a righteous way to become the torch bearers.

Dr. Renu Gangal
Ranjit College of Education,Jammu